Lyle (Rich) Hill’s new book, “Why I Believe and Sometimes Wish I Didn’t,” is available now in hardcover for $21.90 on the Shopify store.

It’s a different new book from USGlass magazine columnist Lyle Hill. The book, “Why I Believe and Sometimes Wish I Didn’t” diverges from traditional religious texts by presenting an enigmatic exploration of belief and skepticism.

It is not a book that preaches or dictates what to believe. Instead, it narrates the personal journey of one individual’s quest for faith, marked by moments of doubt and clarity. Hill invites readers to contemplate their paths to belief through this narrative, making the book a treasure trove of introspection and insight.

“This is a different type of work than I’ve previously written,” says Hill. “In fact, it’s probably the only serious thing I’ve ever written. I was hesitant to write it. Now that I have, I’d like to share it with everyone who’d like to read it.”

“Why I Believe and Sometimes Wish I Didn’t” is available now in hardcover for $21.90 on the Shopify store (

Hill’s distinguished career spans managing operations in glass retail, contract glazing and more across the U.S. As a Master of Business Administration graduate from the Illinois Institute of Technology focusing on Technology and Engineering Management, Hill’s voice has become synonymous with authoritative insight into the architectural glass industry, making him the “face” of the U.S. and North American glass industry. Besides his vast hands-on and corporate experience, Hill is known for his contributions to USGlass magazine as a celebrated author and columnist.

Following his previous book, “The Broken Tomato and Other Business Parables,” Hill’s latest novel promises to engage readers with its unique perspective on faith, enriched by the author’s extensive background in industry and personal life. is excited to offer this enriching read to its audience, believing it will resonate with many, from industry professionals to those on their own spiritual journeys. “Why I Believe and Sometimes Wish I Didn’t” is more than a book; it’s an invitation to reflect on the essence of belief and the beauty of questioning it.

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