The Metal Construction Association has developed a series of eco-labels—similar to a nutritional label on a food product—to provide an effective framework for making informed product comparisons based on specific design goals.

The labels are called Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and they’re meant to assist architects in choosing certain metal panels for a given project’s environmental goals and requirements.

According to a press release, “EPDs include standardized, science-based data that summarize environmental impact categories that were assessed through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The LCA covers the environmental impacts from raw material extraction, transportation, manufacturing, and packaging.”

The association cites the “heavy burden” most modern building designs put on architects in specifying green building materials.

According to the association, the MCA’s EPDs provide a full view of the environmental impact of metal composite panels, insulated metal panels and roll formed steel panels. For more information, visit the association’s EPDs page on its website.