Guardian Industries has launched the new Guardian Glass Training Center to help the glass community of fabricators, processors, wholesalers, architects and specifiers learn more about the medium and the role it plays as a design and building material. According to the company, the digital learning platform offers a variety of online interactive training tools and resources, including video-based learning sessions, accredited training modules, webinars and an in-person training booking system.

“As a design material, glass is all around us. It has many different value propositions and technical capabilities, but many users of glass are not aware of what it can do and cannot do. The Guardian Glass Training Center supports continued learning and skills development. It offers a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge and understanding about glass, in a structured, interactive, fun and engaging way,” said Steven Scrivens, global head of digital platforms at Guardian Industries.

The Training Center also offers webinar information and booking services and an in-person training booking system. Participants in training sessions will receive certification from Guardian Glass for each training module they complete. Some training modules are certified by Continued Professional Development (CPD) providers such as RIBA and USCA’s AIA/CEU (Continuing Education Unit) systems, allowing users to complete their training online, with the CPD provider notified when a course or training module is completed so that points are awarded to individuals for their participation.