The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) released its newest version of the Window7/Therm7 Simulation Manual.

The manual can be found here. According to Pleotint, the document provides commercial glass fabricators and residential window manufacturers a procedure for generating energy performance for environmentally controlled dynamic glazing, such as thermochromic glass.

“Not being able to produce ratings for self-tinting glass like ours was a hurdle for manufacturers both on the residential and commercial level,” says Chad Simkins, vice president of Pleotint. That’s now gone. One of the main benefits of Suntuitive Glass is that it’s a seamless process that uses heat from direct sunlight to transition from clear to tint, so it always provided solar heat gain control, but previous to this manual update our customers could not use the universally recognized ratings program from NFRC to determine performance. We’re thrilled it can now.”

The NFRC develops and administers energy-related rating and certification programs, providing information on fenestration performance.