A new tape measure from Gambit Tools, called Laser Lens, aims to make taking measurements with lasers easier for glaziers and other tradespeople. Typically, a glazier would have to position their tape upside down, and get themselves physically lower than the tape measure in order to look up and see where a dot laser, set up on the ground, is registering on their tape. With the Laser Lens, the transparent section in the tape, made of a polymer material, allows the laser beam to continue through the tape itself, and the user to view the laser point from any position. This method is often used to determine the offset measurement.

Tristan Sheehan, owner of Gambit Tools, says Matthew Luck, a glazier with Benson Industries and Glaziers Local Union 188, came up with the idea years ago. They were surprised it hadn’t been thought of already. It took the company a year to secure a patent.

“Glaziers have found ways around the issue by carrying a clear ruler or by putting tape on their tape measure, but that’s just another tool,” he explains. “This kills two birds with one stone since it functions as a normal tape measure as well.”

The new tool is available on the company’s website and could soon be available on Amazon.

“We’re open to feedback from anyone who uses lasers. We’re really excited to get it out there,” says Sheehan.


  1. That is a perfect solution. I’ve always thought something like this should be made.

  2. This is a great product and something we will look at distributing in Australia, good job guys. AU Glass Hardware

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