NEXT’s scalable, large-format solar window wall generates clean energy. Pictured are CEO Brenton Taylor (left); Andy Cohen (second from left), a Next board member and co-chair of Gensler; Jonathan Hafemann (second from right), vice president of growth and commercialization, and Corey Hoven (far right), co-founder and chief technical officer. Photo: Next.

NEXT Energy Technologies has deployed a glass wall featuring 27-inch by 35-inch insulating glass units (IGU) to the Gensler headquarters in Los Angeles. Company officials say the delivery is a step forward in enabling full-scale (60-inch by 120-inch) IGU production of vision and spandrel glass for clean, solar energy-producing facades.

Project partners included Viracon (IGU fabricator) and Walters & Wolf (system designer, fabricator and installer). A grant from the State of California Energy Commission funded the project.

“It’s rewarding to see our technology developed to the point where commercialization can be realized and demonstrated to architects, glass fabricators and framing system providers,” says CEO Brenton Taylor.

NEXT’s transparent photovoltaic (PV) coating transforms commercial windows into energy-generating facades. The technology can be integrated into commercial building vision and spandrel glass to generate electricity to power the building and alleviate strain on the grid.

Officials say buildings with NEXT’s organic PV facades can produce “significant” onsite renewable power, offsetting 20% to 25% of a typical commercial building’s energy load. The windows absorb and convert infrared light, reducing the building’s HVAC load and power consumption.

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