The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), which rates the efficiency of windows, doors, and skylights, announced a new strategic direction, mission and vision at its Fall Membership Meeting in Albuquerque, N.M. Under the new mission, NFRC will remain committed to driving widespread use of fair, accurate and credible energy performance ratings, but will also focus on advancing the quality of the built environment by educating consumers about the positive effect fenestration products have on their lives. The five-year plan will be enacted in early 2019.

The NFRC was created to bring uniformity to the fenestration industry, implementing ratings to distinguish the spectrum of energy efficiency. The new plan improves the fenestration industry while also empowering the industry to broaden its influence, according to the organization. The overarching aspiration is to be recognized in the residential market, so the average homeowner knows the importance of fenestration ratings for their windows, doors and skylights.

“The NFRC was created based on the desire to highlight the efforts made by all of those who are involved in making fenestration more energy efficient,” says Deborah Callahan, CEO at NFRC. “From the manufacturer, to the buyer and every entity in between, it is important to highlight these efforts. By acknowledging such successes, the council is able to come together and to make even more progress within the fenestration industry.”

In addition, the NFRC welcomed new members.

“As the director for an organization, which specializes in the rating of windows, doors, and skylights, it is highly important that the mission I guide within the NFRC aligns with overall message of energy efficiency,” said board chairperson Paul Bush in his welcoming address to new members. “These glass products need to be environmentally friendly. I am excited to see our new members unite with this message and also bring forth innovative, resourceful knowledge to the membership council.”