The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is launching the NFRC Leaders Network to give engineers, architects, code officials and others involved in the sustainable and well-building supply chain access to the experts, data and science behind windows, doors and skylights.

The NFRC has 30 years of experience and fair, accurate and credible ratings to help reduce the carbon footprint of homes and office buildings, which can, in turn, fulfill the requests of policymakers and consumers across the country who are advocating for more energy efficient buildings, according to the council.

To leverage those resources, the NFRC Leaders Network is hosting a Green Track Event on September 23 in Charlotte, N.C. The event will include speakers from Habitat for Humanity, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance and Fitwell, as well as a demonstration of how drone technology can help rate the performance of windows.

Along with a chance to learn about the latest green building trends and network with leading experts, attendees will be eligible for AIA and LEED credits.



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