The National Fenestration Rating Council held its Spring Committee Hybrid Meeting recently that allowed people physically attending in Philadelphia and those attending from their homes or offices to participate in the consensus process that guides the organization’s procedures and programs.

Ten ballots were presented for this meeting, six of which passed membership debate and scrutiny. The ballots moving forward include:

  • NFRC 101 Rigid Material Ballot: discussion and approval of this ballot included an implementation plan that has manufacturers with products with expiration dates prior to December 31, 2023 being given until that date to provide a new test report performed per the attached ballot. It also requires manufacturers with products with expiration dates after December 31, 2023 to provide a new test report performed per the attached ballot no later than December 31, 2025.
  • Though approved with editorial changes, NFRC 100 Commercial Trendline Approach (CTA) Ballot will be held in abeyance until the CTA methodology program requirements are met.
  • NFRC 100 BBG Ballot
  • NFRC 200 BBG Ballot
  • NFRC 700 BBG Ballot saw all three of the blinds-between-glass ballots were approved. Prior to these changes being incorporated into the three documents, the BBG Task Group will develop an implementation plan. In addition, changes to the simulation manual, CPD, and training needs will be considered and put into place.
  • The approved document NFRC 715 Commercial Ballot is entirely new. NFRC 715 Commercial Energy Performance Certification Program: Products and Projects is described by the organization as “the culmination of years of deliberation and planning by NFRC staff and the commercial program workgroup.” Though a significant step closer to implementation, the NFRC reports that several important factors must be in place prior to rollout, including software, training, and other program-related requirements being met.
  • In addition to the ballots, three task groups were formed, all reporting to the U-factor Subcommittee, under the Technical Committee:

  • The NFRC 100 Sidelite Product Definition Task Group will review existing and proposed sidelite and slab sidelite language and suggest appropriate changes; 
  • The NFRC 100 Table 4-3 Task Group will review the general format of the table and the notes associated with the table and suggest appropriate changes; and
  • The NFRC 100 Glazed Wall Systems Task Group will review existing language defining the terms “single-story systems” and “multi-story systems,” particularly in relation to defining curtain wall products versus window wall products for rating purposes and suggest appropriate changes.