The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) announced this week during its membership meeting that it will soon release its fastest-performing version of CMAST, the organization’s commercial fenestration rating tool.

“Calculations that used to take 19 minutes now take about 11 seconds,” says Una Moneypenny, NFRC’s director of IT solutions. “It’s a vast improvement that answers our users’ call for a more efficient tool that determines commercial fenestration product energy performance.”

NFRC will soon announce the dates for a series of webinars intended to help users navigate the upgraded version of CMAST, which it plans to release in early November 2015.

NFRC’s interim CEO, Deb Callahan notes that developing CMAST over the past several years has given NFRC additional insight for collaborating more effectively.

“This is an important victory for NFRC and for the industry,” Callahan says. “We have a viable tool for use today, and it’s positioning us to create a sustainable business model for the future.”