The National Glass Association (NGA) has published an environmental product declaration (EPD) for flat glass products sold in the U.S.

The declaration is valid for five years for clear, low-iron and tinted glass products that have been manufactured in an unprocessed annealed state. Glass that has been coated, heat-treated or undergone any secondary processing are not within the scope of this declaration.

The content of the declaration includes:
  • A product definition and physical building-related data;
  • Details of raw materials and material origin;
  • A description of how the product is manufactured; and
  • Life cycle assessment results.

Commissioned by the NGA, the EPD covers flat glass produced by the four member companies of the NGA’s Forming Committee. The member companies that participated in the study are AGC Glass North America, Guardian Industries, NSG Pilkington and Vitro Architectural Glass.

“NSG fully supports the development of sustainable manufacturing and design,” says Kayla Natividad, architectural technical services engineer at NSG Pilkington. “Contribution to an industry-wide EPD is one of many ways we are pushing the industry toward a greener future.”

“Guardian is pleased to participate in the North America industry-wide EPD for flat glass,” adds Chris Dolan, director of the commercial segment, North America at Guardian Glass. “The new industry-wide EPD, along with Guardian’s product-specific EPDs, offer architectural design professionals and building owners additional useful options to assess glazing choices and achieve the maximum credits in global green building rating systems, such as LEED.”
“AGC Glass is deeply committed globally to be at the forefront in developing new products with better environmental performance during their lifetime,” says Jon Hughes, product manager of float and coatings at AGC Glass North America. “We have developed a holistic approach to fully assess our environmental footprint, an integrated approach embedded in the fabric of our production processes, product innovation and services – we are pleased to support the development on industry-wide EPD.”

“The development of an industry-wide EPD is an important development in our industry,” adds Paul Bush, vice president of quality and technical services at Vitro Architectural Glass. “Not only does it reinforce our collective commitment to making glass integral to the future of sustainable building, it also issues a challenge for other industries to do the same. As the first glass company to publish EPDs for all of its flat and coated glass products, Vitro Glass understands and appreciates the attention this data commands in the architectural community.”

EPDs enable the assessment of the environmental impact of products and label them accordingly. They contain extensive and independently verified environmental data about a product, from raw material procurement to disposal. NGA employed Sphera (formerly thinkstep) to create the flat glass EPD. ASTM International was selected for its validation. The flat glass EPD can be downloaded here.