The National Glass Association (NGA) has published an Introduction to Vacuum Insulating Glazing Glass Technical Paper (GTP). This paper describes the makeup and purpose of vacuum insulating glass (VIG) and addresses its use in a variety of market applications including new construction, restoration and refrigeration.

“This GTP was developed in response to the growing discussion about vacuum insulating glass,” says Urmilla Sowell, NGA advocacy and technical services director. “It is an introductory resource that addresses the unknowns about VIG and provides examples of how it can be used for different purposes.”

Energy performance, acoustic improvements, size and shape options, as well as testing standards and a thorough list of terminology specific to VIG are also outlined in the GTP.

“We are excited to provide the industry with this GTP on VIG technology and what is currently available,” says Kayla Natividad, NGA VIG task group chair and architectural technical services engineer at Pilkington North America. “As energy codes continue to develop, we’ll see technologies being adopted that we may not all be familiar with. It’s important our industry is equipped with as much information as possible.”

The volunteer VIG task group members within the Fabricating Committee’s Insulating segment who contributed to this GTP’s development include:

 Kayla Natividad, ChairNSG/Pilkington North America
 Dr. Charlie BoyerVIG Technologies LLC
 Mark CodyAGC Glass Company
 Shelby FroehlingViracon
 Steve MarinoVitro Architectural Glass

Click here to download the Vacuum Insulating Glazing GTP at no charge.