Faour Glass Technologies, a provider of custom architectural glass and glazing systems for the high-end residential and commercial markets, will supply its SLIMPACT frameless impact windows and doors for the Mike Erdman Nissan Car Tower in Melbourne, Fla. According to the company, it’s the first car tower to use the frameless impact glazing system.

Car towers have been the latest wave in the auto industry, from Volkswagen’s 160-foot-tall silo-like glass towers in Wolfsburg, Germany to Carvana’s car vending machines throughout the U.S. Mike Erdman Nissan’s mid-rise car tower, currently under construction, is being added to the mix. The common design element in all of these towers is the glass envelope which is critical in showcasing the cars.

Florida provides some unique challenges as most areas in the state require impact-resistant glazing for hurricane protection. This typically means bulkier metal framing is required with limited glass sizes. SLIMPACT windows offer the required hurricane protection without the bulky framing and with glass sizes up to 10 feet high. Faour Glass Technologies is near completion on the project and the tower should be open for business by the end of the summer.

“SLIMPACT is the perfect choice for residential, retail and commercial applications in the hurricane market where owners are looking for the ‘all glass’ look while meeting the tough impact code requirements,” says Angelo Rivera, vice president of Faour Glass Technologies. “We are excited about pursuing similar projects throughout the state of Florida.”