NODIS, an international smart glass manufacturer, is establishing manufacturing and innovation capabilities in Columbus, Ohio, in order to supply customers both in the Midwest and worldwide. The five-year-old company, founded in Singapore, went to Central Ohio in the summer intending to ramp up production and sales of its TruTint smart glass nanotechnology to North American glass manufacturers.

Board director Mike Holt says Columbus provides NODIS with proximity to customers and manufacturing partners across the region, including many they have been working with for the past two years. He says the next step is being able to create a talented team and work hand-in-hand with economic development organizations.

“At NODIS, we are passionate about addressing climate change and all its damaging impacts,” says Dr. Sergey Shokhor, CEO and founder of NODIS, who plans to relocate to Columbus. “Buildings are responsible for 40% of a city’s carbon emissions and smart glass is a critical component in reducing CO2 emissions in buildings, and NODIS TruTint smart glass reduces CO2 emissions from buildings by up to 50%.”