Robert Tenent of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will present at the 2015 Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Fall Technical Conference. The conference will be held in downtown Denver at the Brown Palace Hotel October 5-8.

Robert Tenent
Robert Tenent

On October 6, Tenent will give a lunch presentation covering several topics of importance to the insulating glass industry before hosting a tour of the NREL laboratories in nearby Golden, Colo. The facility focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy and systems integration.

Tenent oversees the Emerging Technologies portfolio for the Buildings Technologies Program at NREL. NREL’s buildings portfolio includes work in fundamental materials development, software development for building energy modeling and techno-economic analysis of building materials and technologies manufacturing.

During Tenent’s presentation at the conference, he will give an overview of NREL and its building research program. He will also discuss the lab’s fenestration research efforts and testing.

Prior to his time with NREL, he worked across a range of materials science research in both the private and public sector. During his tenure with NREL, he has conducted research into materials for photovoltaic, energy storage and building materials applications.

The majority of his work has focused on the development and refinement of dynamic “smart” windows technologies. His research interests in the buildings sector focus on the development of new dynamic materials for responsive architecture that adapts to environmental conditions. He received his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University in 2000 and B.S. from Millsaps College in 1994. He has been a member of the NREL staff since 2007.