NSG Group has developed a new glass range with 50% less embodied carbon than standard float glass.

Company officials say Pilkington Mirai is manufactured using a combination of alternative fuel, high recycled glass content and 100% renewable electricity.

“The launch of Pilkington Mirai represents the beginning of an exciting journey,” says Kristian Chalmers, global strategic commercial manager of Architectural Glass SBU. “The new range will be instrumental in providing architects with the solutions to reduce their projects’ carbon intensity. We aim to expand our offering through further collaboration and technological advancements in the near future on our journey towards achieving carbon neutrality.”

Officials say the new range can be combined with other high-performance low-E, solar control and acoustic coatings in the Pilkington product family. This enables building owners and design professionals to proactively reduce embodied carbon while meeting other building performance and compliance requirements, according to the company.

Leopoldo Castiella, head of Architectural Glass SBU, says the new range “presents a simple, more sustainable alternative that allows building designers to make immediate improvements on the carbon impact of their projects.”

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