NSG Group has evolved “equality” into “equity” to embrace inclusion and diversity further.

NSG Group has updated its diversity, equity and inclusion policy to give employees equal opportunities to contribute to their “full potential and harness the richness of ideas.”

With the update, NSG has evolved “equality” into “equity” to embrace inclusion and diversity further. The company reported in a release that the new policy is as follows:

  • Diversity: Recognize individual differences, respect each other and create value;
  • Equity: Providing suitable opportunities for each individual to demonstrate their strengths; and
  • Inclusion: Everyone feels safe to voice opinions, discuss and lead decisions.

Officials say the goal is to have an inclusive culture and environment where differences in individuals’ backgrounds, experiences, preferences and beliefs are recognized, respected and valued for their variety of perspectives.

A company statement states that “While promoting inclusion and diversity, regarding employees as human capital, building their career paths and increasing their engagement, we acknowledge that rather than simply providing equal opportunities (equality), we need to get close to each individual and find the optimal opportunities (equity) considering each one’s environment and situation.”

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