NSG Group’s architectural business recorded a decline in revenues and operating profit in the first quarter of its fiscal year compared to the same time last year, according to the company’s latest financial report.

The architectural business recorded revenues of $523.8 million and an operating profit of $54.5 million. NSG Group’s overall revenues declined slightly from the first quarter of the previous year, but profitability improved by 23 percent, the report states.

Architectural revenues and profits fell from the previous year due to reduced volumes in its North America and “Rest of World” categories, though this was partially offset by strengthening volumes in Europe.

“In Europe, representing 39 percent of the Group’s architectural sales, markets continued to be positive with previous capacity reductions and improving demand leading to a robust pricing environment,” the report reads. “The Group’s revenues were flat with a consistently high level of utilization of the Group’s available capacity, whilst profits improved with increased market prices.”

In North America, representing 14 percent of the company’s architectural sales, revenues and profits were below the previous year’s levels, according to the report. “Available capacity has been temporarily reduced whilst the Ottawa facility is repaired as announced on [May 12] 2017,” it reads.