The NSG Group has reported that its cumulative group revenues were up 17 percent for the third-quarter of fiscal-year 2014 (FY2014), at 4.4 billion USD (451.2 billion Japanese Yen).

The company’s architectural revenues for the quarter totaled $1.8 billion USD (181.4 billion Japanese Yen). The company’s architectural segment achieved an operating profit of $71.2 million USD (7,285 million Japanese Yen) for the quarter.

The company attributes the increase in its architectural business operating results over the previous year to the company’s restructuring program. Additionally, NSG officials say its revenues improved in the segment due to the translational impact of a weaker Japanese Yen.

In North America, NSG reports that its architectural glass markets continued to improve during the quarter, mainly due to increases in private residential construction. Likewise, volumes in North America were similar to the previous year, with strengthening domestic demand offsetting reduced dispatches of solar energy glass, according to the company. Domestic price levels were above the previous year.

In Europe, the company reports that economic difficulties continued to depress construction and refurbishment activity, and that current year market volumes were stable, but remain at historically low levels. Volume in Europe fell by 10 percent and year-to-date average commodity glass prices were slightly below the previous year, according to the report.

In Japan, the prospects for the company’s architectural markets continue to be positive, with a further increase in new housing starts from the previous year, according to the report. “This will take some time to be translated into a significant increase in demand for glass products, however, with labor shortages generating delays in construction activities,” writes the company.