The float furnace was upgraded as part of a plan to expand the production capacity of TCO glass.

NSG Group recently started the operation of its float furnace for the production of transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coated glass for solar panels. The previously dormant float furnace was upgraded as part of the plan announced in May 2018 to expand production capacity of TCO glass to support the growing solar market.

The restarted float furnace is one of the two lines at NSG Vietnam Glass Industries Ltd. (VGI), located near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. TCO glass production at VGI has been positioned to support a long-term supply agreement with First Solar, a provider of comprehensive photovoltaic solar systems.

NSG’s TCO glass is manufactured with an on-line coating technology in which a conductive oxide on the glass surface is formed during its passage through the float line. On-line coating also enables cost effective production of coated glass in high volume, according to the company.

With the expanded supply capability for value-added products, such as solar glass and other products, NSG Group intends to drive its growth strategy while supporting the expansion of renewable energy.