During the installation of a curtainwall panel at 149 East 125th Street in New York on June 25, 2018, a Jekko mini crane rolled over and fell off the fourth floor of the East Harlem building onto the street below. Two workers were injured in the incident.

According to Avery Cambridge with the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB), the DOB issued a total of five violations to the site’s general contractor and the mini crane operator.

The violations include failure to safeguard a construction site, unsafe operations of the mini crane, illegal unpermitted operations of the mini crane, failure to provide operator certification for use of the mini crane and failure to provide necessary hoist machine rigging certification for use of the mini crane.

The location is the future site of an 11-story, mixed-use building designed by Bjarke Ingels, which bridges 126th Street with 125th Street. ZDG is the general contractor.

The DOB issued a full stop work order for the construction site after the incident. The department’s investigation is ongoing.


  1. Go to any non union job and you will find the exact same situation. No operators license no rigging certification no manufacturers certification. Sadly DOB has a hands off policy for non union work until an accident happens. While as a union operator I hold 20 different licenses and certs and I get constant unannounced visits by DOB. If my horn isn’t working I get a massive fine and my job gets shut down for weeks.

    1. We are in the non union end of building enclosure. All my operators have been properly trained and certified by the manufacturer for the use of the Jekko mini crane.

      We have safety protocol in place and site specific activity hazard analysis stating task/ hazards associated with task/ how to eliminate or mitigate hazards.

      We also are all trained as per DOB guidelines when the machine is rated over a ton..

      Union or non union, people getting hurt is all the same…..

    2. Actually the contractor conducting the work was a union contractor, Western Waterproofing; the crane operator, and all of Western’s force were local 580.

      What the DOB failed to mention is that Western was issued 6 violations, for improper use of the mini-crane, and for failing to have a certified crane operator (thanks Local 580!)

    3. The contractor that did this work was a union (local 580) contract, Western Specialty Contractors.

      The operator worked for Western Specialty Contractors, and was Local 580.

      Are you going to point the finger at the Union now?

  2. Andy,

    I will say first I hope the guys heal quickly and work can be resumed quickly. Second, I would add I wouldn’t stereotype every non union company as using non licensed and uncertified men. Just not true.

    Matt Day
    Glaziers on Demand

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