Mitchell “Mitch” Bell, owner of Division 8 Designs and a Southern California and Arizona sales rep for WINCO Window Company, passed away at 57 on March 29, 2021. He is survived by his wife, Jenny; sons Maxwell, Samuel, Derek and Trevor; his daughter-in-law, Sara; and his three grandchildren, Wyatt, Jameson and Mylah.

Mitch Bell

Bell has been in the commercial glazing business his entire career, starting as a teenager. He first started in the stained-glass industry in Los Angeles. Before joining WINCO, he moved to San Marcos, Calif., to open his first business, Moonlight Glass Inc. He started Division 8 Designs in 2015.  

Bell most recently shared his extensive knowledge of the industry with his son Max, who is currently WINCO’s representative in the region. He will continue to operate Division 8 Designs.

“Mitch was a great friend, an expert in his field and a straight shooter,” says Kurtis Suellentrop, WINCO’s vice president of sales and marketing. “He would also spend time sharing his advice and opinions, whether you asked for it or not! Mitch enjoyed spending time with friends and family riding in the desert. He will be truly missed.”