Brant Ryynanen
Editor’s note: At the time this story was published, USGlass was unaware of the legal allegations concerning Brad Aldrich. Read more

OcuGlass has named Brant Ryynanen its new production manager. Ryynanen has been at OcuGlass since April 2016 when he began his duties as a production line workman. He was promoted to water plant coordinator in 2017. In that capacity, he created and implemented a new process for managing wastewater and solid waste materials.

This work earned Ryynanen another promotion, this time to a supervisor position on the production line where he began oversight of the production process, quality control and the launch of the OcuWrite product line.

The company formed its leadership team in August 2017 to include Ryynanen, CEO Brad Aldrich and director of engineering Jeff Stevens.

Aldrich says, “Brant’s leadership has been key, not only to our growth, but to our culture. Our employee retention rates, and employee satisfaction numbers are a testament to his character and commitment to OcuGlass.”

In his new role, Ryynanen takes on complete management of all aspects of production for the company, including control of the process and the production team of 18 employees. Company expansion from one production line to three created a need for this position, according to Aldrich.

“There was never a question that Brant was the right person for this job. He has been a vital part of our process improvement and these expansions,” he says.

“This is a well-earned and much deserved promotion. Brant has been an asset in the effort to expand our company and I expect his effort and determination will continue to aid in our growth,” says Steve Williams, OcuGlass chairperson.

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