Bennett Steel, an Oklahoma steel erector and fabricator, is kicking off a new push to complete a combined one million injury-free construction man-hours on its projects. As a large builder of both Federal and municipal projects, Bennett officials say that their commitment to safety will benefit not only their employees and their families, but also pay dividends to local taxpayers.

“Our commitment to a true culture of safety at Bennett Steel will have multiple positive effects,” said Dave Bennett, the company founder and president. “A safe workplace brings down workers’ compensation costs and reduces workers’ compensation claims, but there are also more indirect benefits, including a reduction in lost time and fewer delays—all of which save the people money.”

According to Bennett, these indirect benefits are numerous and include items that one may not immediately associate with construction. For example, stringent safety protocol reduces injuries that may require a worker to be transported to a hospital. Eliminating these incidents also lessens greenhouse gas emissions into the community.

Bennett stresses that his goal is not based on a lackluster safety record, but stems from an understanding that “it is truly everyone’s goal to be safe each and every minute of each and every day.”

To launch the program, Bennett recently distributed an internal memo, encouraging managers to check in with workers weekly to ensure that safety remains a company-wide priority.

“It’s the right thing to do for the company, for their fellow employee and for themselves and their families,” Bennett said.