Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope CEO Ted Hathaway will provide a presentation titled “Dynamic, Adaptive Building Envelopes” at the University of Calgary’s “Building Dynamics: Exploring Architecture of Change” symposium on Saturday, April 27.

The symposium is designed to bring educators, architects, engineers, manufacturers of building systems and components and other energy industry experts together to exchange ideas on the future of the built environment.

“Buildings currently account for 75 percent of the carbon emissions on the planet, so if we are serious about reducing greenhouse effects we need to explore better ways to design and construct buildings to achieve vastly improved energy performance,” says Hathaway. “We can develop building envelopes designed to accept or reject free energy provided by the external ecosystem, and, as a result, significantly reduce the cost of power required to achieve a comfortable, internal environment.”

The symposium, which runs April 26-27, is organized by the Faculty of Environmental Design’s Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID), at the Banff Center, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

For further information about the symposium, visit www.buildingdynamics.org.