Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE) is launching a new advertising campaign focused on the company’s ongoing commitment to partner with customers to solve building challenges and deliver solutions, according to the company.

The new advertising campaign spotlights some of the projects on which its teams have collaborated to deliver not just products, but solutions to solve challenges and bring visionary ideas to life, according to the company.

“We understand the role of the architect, general contractor, glazier and the entire design and construction team is vital in shaping our built environment,” says Brenda Kelly, vice president of marketing and commercial excellence at OBE. “Building owners and occupants expect both aesthetically pleasing and high performing solutions despite the potential limitations and challenges faced in the building environment; access to natural light and sweeping sight lines, thermally insulating glass that mitigates energy consumption, and security features which protect against harsh climate or external threats are all surmountable challenges that can be met through collaboration with the right team using the right solutions. That is what OBE wants to highlight.”

The campaign is part of a broader shift for the provider of glazing-focused products and services. OBE announced earlier this year it is the first building products manufacturer to form a strategic partnership with the American Institute of Architects. The company is also, updating and expanding its continuing education offerings, and upgrading its website to make access to resources easier for their customers, partners and more, according to the company.

“Our focus is on simplifying projects for our customers and ensuring our team of experts are involved early in the design process to provide meaningful solutions,” says Kelly.

The new ads will be released in architectural and trade publications throughout the year.