OROShazaGLAS Kft. is a flat glass processor in Hungary with approximately 170 employees. The company recently invested in a second LiSEC laminating plant.

“The existing laminating plant had its limitations. First of all, there was a capacity problem. It was too small and we had to operate it in four shifts to keep up with the orders,” says Istvan Toth, general director of OROShazaGLAS. “Nevertheless, it remained the bottleneck of our production and jeopardized delivery times considerably. Moreover, there were too many non-recyclable rejects, which caused a significant loss of money. A third reason was the fact that the production process was very sensitive – even minor deviations caused problems.”

The new LiSEC lamination plant has been in operation since December 2016. The system is able to process sheets with a size of up to 5,100 by 2,600 mm and a thickness up to 100 mm.

“We feel absolutely confident about the LiSEC solution. The plant allows us to produce high-class products without rejects. At the moment we are manufacturing in one shift operation and obtain more output than with the previous plant. I’m highly pleased, that we have implemented this project together with LiSEC and the support of the European Union and the Hungarian Government. This plant ensures not only our position – it even improves it,” says Toth.

After ten days of instruction, the OROShazaGLAS team was trained and able to operate the laminating plant independently.