Overstock.com Inc. will incorporate View Dynamic Glass in its new corporate campus, the companies announced. The project marks one of the largest installations of View Dynamic Glass to date, and according to View, the glass will be delivered this summer.

Located in Midvale, Utah, the building is set to open during summer 2016 and is being developed by Gardner Company, built by Okland Construction and designed by EDA Architects Inc. Overstock’s new campus is referred to as the “Peace Coliseum,” according to a release, “because from above it will appear as a peace sign and at ground level is a corporate glass-and-concrete version of the Roman Coliseum.”

“We’re thrilled to work with Overstock to create a world-class corporate headquarters that embraces the well-being of people at its core,” says Dr. Rao Mulpuri, View CEO. “Dynamic glass is having a major impact on the way buildings are designed in regards to comfort, smart control, and sustainability. Overstock is focusing on employee wellness at a fundamental level, and we’re proud to be a part of this iconic project that sets the standard for sustainable, people-centered workspaces.”

Adds Patrick M. Byrne, Overstock CEO, “View Dynamic Glass will be one of the major showpieces of our new headquarters and yet another reason Overstock is the most exciting place to work in Utah. More daylight translates to more creative, innovative, and optimistic employees. In View we have a partner that shares our commitment to improve the well-being and productivity of our colleagues.”