Pacific Glazing Contractors based in Morgan Hill, Calif., is the latest company to complete the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) process. The company is led by glass industry veteran Michael Wells.

Michael Wells

The construction business is booming and, according to Wells, the glazing industry itself is becoming more detailed and technical. As the industry changes and Pacific Glazing Contractors grows, safety and quality are top priorities for the company. This focus made the decision to pursue NACC certification an easy one, according to the announcement.

“We started as a small company with very experienced glaziers. As we expanded with new talent, we wanted to perform with the same level of quality the client expects,” says Wells. “As we look at our own industry, we see a definite need to distinguish between the glazing companies that strive for excellence and truly care about the quality of work they perform, and those companies that just want to get by.”

He adds, “Compliance solely with OSHA safety regulations is considered minimum standards. We go beyond those standards in many areas.”

When preparing for the certification, Pacific Glazing Contractors found benefits most prominently in quality assurance programs and consistency. “In the past, we focused on quality control at the end of the process to make sure the client’s specifications were met. Now we put more emphasis on quality assurance throughout the process to prevent problems from occurring in the first place,” says Wells.

Through preventative action and cohesiveness between all company departments, Wells looks forward to the future of Pacific Glazing Contractors and its continued ability to complete high quality projects.

“We definitely recommend this certification for any company that is not satisfied with mediocre craftsmanship,” he says. “We also hope our potential clients recognize the value that NACC certification brings in ensuring that Pacific Glazing Contractors’ projects meet or exceed client’s expectations of quality, timing, and budget.”