Keraglass Industries announced that it has reached a technological and financial partnership agreement with the Emmegi Group. According to the announcement, thanks to the natural affinity between the two businesses, glass and aluminum processing, both will benefit from this important synergy, creating a joint innovative project, which has no equal in the above industries.

In addition, the companies note that “the well-established and widespread international presence of the Emmegi Group, confirmed by the substantial share that export represents of  the overall sales figures, as well as the  numerous commercial subsidiaries in major regions of the world, will ensure Keraglass an important commercial expansion and an entry into new markets.”

Emmegi Group now has a constant presence in about 70 countries, either through direct branches or through authorized distributors. The entry of Keraglass in the  Emmegi Group will give a new approach to research and product innovation, providing customers with excellent and extensive service, according to the companies.