After 50 years, Italy-based Pertici Industries is opening its first ever subsidiary, Pertici-North America, in the United States. And for help, it has called upon an industry veteran on the West Coast who knows a thing or two about the U.S. market.

Mark Chesbrough, formerly of Elumatec, is starting Italy-based Pertici's first subsidiary in the United States.
Mark Chesbrough, formerly of Elumatec, is starting Italy-based Pertici’s first subsidiary in the United States.

Mark Chesbrough, formerly a regional sales manager for Elumatec, is starting up Pertici-NA, a producer of machines and systems for the processing of aluminum and PVC profiles. The new plant will be located in Reno, Nev.

The company manufactures a line of CNC profile machining centers, saws, end mills, PVC welders and cleaners, as well as a full line of handling equipment, and will be the only machine of its kind in the West Coast, according to Chesbrough.

“It was a long and difficult process to come to the decision to make a move,” says Chesbrough. “But I believe in the product. And one of the deciding factors was their 100-percent commitment to the West Coast.”

Chesbrough is Pertici-NA’s new managing director and has been in the industry his entire career since starting at a glass shop in California at 19 years old. His 23-year-old son, Nick, has taken the position of service and parts manager at Pertici-NA. He was previously with Elumatec, as well.

“He really latched on to CNC and machinery as a whole,” says his father.

“We have to be ahead of the game not just in sales, but in service,” Mark Chesbrough adds, noting Nick’s experience from the service side.

He says they’re experimenting with “a bunch of new service programs” to make it easier for customers to diagnose machines, order new parts, etc. They’re also hashing out ideas and solutions with online video support, QRC and other digital aspects.

Pertici plans to make the official announcement in September in Atlanta, where the company will be exhibiting with its main distributor, Toronto-based Ameri-Can.

Pertici had previously only worked through Ameri-Can to reach the North American market, which Chesbrough says currently makes up approximately 10 percent of the company’s sales. Pertici-NA looks to further penetrate the North American market, but will still use Ameri-Can as a distributor throughout Canada and the Eastern U.S.

According to Chesbrough, the new facility in Reno will encompass approximately 5,000 square-feet of office, showroom and warehouse space.

“We will be a fully-stocked subsidiary,” says Chesbrough. “We’ll have a full working showroom with machinery, particularly for the aluminum and PVC door and window industry.”

The company, which became incorporated yesterday, will hold its grand opening January 2016. Chesbrough says that while Pertici-NA currently consists of himself, his son and a part-time bookkeeper, it will soon be adding independent sales people and warehouse workers as things progress.