Petersen Aluminum has released an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which delivers cradle-to-grave transparency for the manufacturing, installation, maintenance and recycling of its roll-formed steel and aluminum roof and wall panels.

According to the company, the EPD was published to meet the increasing demand in the construction community to recognize the full extent of a product’s environmental impact. The EPD is valid until March 2020 and will be updated based on continued process improvements.

“Going through the process was an eye opener, and has identified ways for us to improve efficiencies in our production process,” says Mike Petersen, CEO, Petersen Aluminum. “We are also working to reduce packaging costs across our product line. All of this is the result of working through the EPD process, which is ongoing. We are pleased to be one of the first American companies to publish an Environmental Product Declaration for our roofing and wall panel product lines. We are grateful for first working with the Metal Construction Association a couple of years ago to create their industry-wide EPD, which laid the ground work for our EPD.”

Prior to publishing its EPD, Petersen Aluminum participated in an EPD with five other Metal Construction Association member companies, all of which manufacture metal cladding panels. However, according to the company, its EPD goes beyond the MCA’s report–which stops at the factory gate–by providing a cradle-to-grave examination of its products’ life cycles. In addition, the EPD focuses only on Petersen Aluminum products, including extraction and transport of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation to installation site, installation, panel maintenance and end-of-life disposal.