PGT Industries has awarded its “Talent for Tomorrow” scholarship to Katlyn Nau as part of its participation in the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Scholarship Partner Program. The award was announced during the 2014 AAMA National Summer Conference held June 1-4 in Indianapolis.

The AAMA Scholarship Program offers families of employees of AAMA member companies the opportunity to obtain financial aid for higher education in pursuit of a degree in an engineering or technical field relating to the building products industry. In addition to AAMA’s national awards, AAMA member companies, such as PGT, have the opportunity to participate in the Scholarship Partner Program in conjunction with the AAMA Scholarship Program to provide a scholarship opportunity for children of their own employees, according to information from PGT.

“In the past, family members of PGT employees have received the AAMA scholarship, which takes into consideration all AAMA members employees and their families,” says Rod Hershberger, CEO and Chairman of the Board. “This year we wanted to create an opportunity specifically for PGT family members; we wanted to see it through for one of our own, while investing in future leaders and professionals that might someday join the PGT team. The AAMA Scholarship Partner Program offered an efficient process for facilitating the logistics, and we’re very pleased with the results of the partnership.”

Nau currently attends the University of Florida, where she studies exploring science and engineering. Her father, Michael Nau, is employed by PGT Industries in Venice, Fla.