Debbie LaPinska

Debbie LaPinska, senior vice president of human resources at PGT Innovations, is presenting as part of a panel on child care and families for the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Prosperity Initiative’s virtual event series. LaPinska will discuss PGT Innovations’ vision and approach to assist its workforce with a cost-effective and accessible child care center and the company’s on-site wellness center, which handles health care concerns from common colds to serious issues, according to the company.

Part two of the Florida Business Leaders’ Summit Series on Prosperity & Economic Opportunity virtual event, It Starts at Home: Child Care and Families, will take place on Wednesday, July 29 from 10 a.m. – noon. As part of the Florida Prosperity Initiative, the upcoming webinar will allow for an in-depth discussion on bridging the gap between businesses and child care facilities to help ensure there are high-quality programs available as Florida continues to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A majority of PGT Innovations’ workforce travels from south of our headquarters,” says LaPinska. “When speaking to our team members regarding their biggest challenges, the costs of housing, child care and health care always top the list. We knew we could find a way to help with the costs of health care and child care. Our leadership team recognizes the importance of serving the community, working families and our employees and made it our mission to fulfill this impactful vision to help our team members and most importantly, the children.”

PGT Innovations unveiled the 7,500-square-foot Sunshine Education Academy to the community in April 2019. Prior to opening the facility, its leadership team visited the YMCA-run child care center of Disney World in Central Florida and received guidance and ideas from the staff. Operated by the Venice branch of the SKY Family YMCA, the Sunshine Education Academy offers affordable, convenient child care with a focus on early childhood development programs and services to PGT Innovations’ families with young children, as well as parents who work in the Triple Diamond Commerce Park and the surrounding area in North Venice, according to the company.