PGT Innovations Inc. recently announced a commitment to hire and mentor military veterans. The company will partner with OPTACorp to help fulfill this effort.

OPTACorp coaches veterans as they transition from life in the military to life as teammates by preparing them for opportunities through workshops and mentoring. The organization is devoted to helping former service members find a career path, not just a job.

“PGT Innovations is committed to welcoming veterans to our family, giving them the opportunity to use their skills and experience to find a new purpose,” says Debbie LaPinska, vice president of human resources at PGT Innovations. “They have served our country, and now we are honored to be able to serve them. Military veterans embody the honor, passion, and leadership skills that we value in our employees. We look forward to a long-term relationship with each of them.”

“Meeting PGTI was a blessing for us,” says Marc Cuffaro, founder of OPTACorp. “Very rarely do we get the comfort that clients understand and value the veterans as much as PGTI does. Most vets don’t have an advocate, someone who will work with them to take their skills from the military and use them to build a career in the private sector. We are opening the door to help them do it, and PGTI gets that.”