Philippe Bastien

During the last general assembly of Glass for Europe on March 19, Philippe Bastien, regional president of the Building and Industrial Division of AGC Glass Europe, was elected chairperson of Glass for Europe’s board of directors.

After joining AGC Glass Europe, formerly Glaverbel, in 1992, Bastien has covered several managerial positions from financial control to general management, through to marketing, business development and research and development.

“I am honored to take on this chairmanship role and I realize the responsibilities that now fall upon me in these difficult times. With the spread of COVID-19, the flat glass industry is reacting quickly to ensure the health of all its workers, while we must safeguard the integrity of our industrial operations,” said Bastien.

For the weeks and months to come, Glass for Europe will engage with European authorities on creating the conditions for a rebound in activity in the glass and glazing sector once the health crisis is over. It will require a massive macro-economic stimulus, which should be in line with Europe’s climate ambitions and the need to launch a building renovation wave, according to the organization.

In January 2020, Glass for Europe released its 2050 vision on flat glass in climate-neutral Europe, which offers a pathway for the sector to maximize contributions to climate neutrality.

“An efficient post-crisis stimulus package will be required to support the flat glass sector and it must be climate-compatible: a massive renovation of ageing buildings with high-efficiency glazing, support for clean mobility transition and increase in the share of solar energy,” said Bastien.

During the general assembly, Jérôme Lionet, general manager of Saint-Gobain Glass Industry, was elected vice-chairperson of the board, which is composed of high-level representatives of the four leading EU-based float glass manufacturers: AGC Glass Europe, Guardian, NSG Group and Saint-Gobain Glass Industry, as well as one representative from flat glass and glazing national associations.

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