With the tornado that passed through the LaSalle County area last Tuesday, major damage was sustained to the walls and roof of Pilkington’s glass factory in Ottawa, Ill.

It’s unclear when the plant that employs 200 people will reopen. The Illinois facility houses one of Pilkington’s five float lines in the U.S. and manufacturers mostly architectural glass.

The tornado struck while workers were on shift, damaging vehicles in the parking lot, according to a My Web Times report. However, no one was injured.

“Our Ottawa, Ill., architectural glass plant sustained substantial damages from a tornado,” said Erica Clouse, marketing specialist with Pilkington North America Inc. “Fortunately, all of our employees at the plant are accounted for and safe. Both the Red Cross and the Salvation Army have been on-site since the incident.”

Clouse added that Pilkington employees across the country are collecting donation items to be sent to the Ottawa facility, and encourages donations to be sent to the Salvation Army and Red Cross in effort to help those affect in the area.

The strongest of the half-dozen tornadoes in Northern Illinois hit the Naplate-Ottawa and Washburn-Rutland areas. The Naplate-Ottawa tornado killed two people and left at least 14 others injured, according to NBC Chicago.