The plan administrator for Dlubak Corp.’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings is requesting an extension of post-confirmation deadlines—again.

For the fourth time since last August, Lawrence C. Bolla has filed a motion to extend post-confirmation deadlines for the case in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Western District of Pennsylvania.

According to court documents dated May 6, “given the number of tasks that [Bolla] and his Accountants have ongoing,” he requests the court “further extend the deadline for claims, objections, adversary proceedings, contested mattes, motions or applications” by another 90 days.

Tasks he claims continue to be completed include analysis and continued litigation “on fraudulent and/or post-petition transfers and related contested matters,” interviews with former employees and contractors of the debtor “regarding various issues,” review and analysis of the debtor’s financial history and investigation into “additional claims that were previously unknown or undiscovered.”

Bolla has been granted 90-day extensions three times prior since being appointed as the plan administrator for the plan of orderly liquidation—once in August, again in November and again in February.

The plan administrator affirms August 7 would be “its final deadline … after which no further extensions for certain avoidance actions would be necessary.”

According to the motion, the fourth extension will allow Bolla “additional time to conclude some of the existing adversary proceedings with an eye toward determining whether potential distributions will be forthcoming from the bankruptcy estate.

“Finally, the fourth extension is sought not as a result of the plan administrator’s delay, but rather as a result of his and his accountants’ many concurrent litigation efforts, as well as the cost/benefit of fulfilling his duties under the plan,” the motion concludes.

Dlubak Corp. initially filed for bankruptcy on August 7, 2013.

Dlubak Specialty Glass, which is owned by Consolidate Glass Holdings, is a separate company and is not part of the bankruptcy proceedings or litigation.