Jenison, Mich.-based Pleotint LLC announced a distribution partnership with Tam Skylights, based in Seattle. The company will now offer Suntuitive glass with its skylight solutions for commercial and residential projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Tam Skylights, established in 1980, manufactures skylights out of its 50,000-square-foot facility.

“Suntuitive glass is the first dynamic glass that is a game changer in our industry,” says Irwin Tam, president of Tam Skylights. “When used in combination with self-tinting Suntuitive glass, our skylights will be able to achieve strict requirements for solar heat gain, visible light, and insulating performance in increasingly demanding building codes such as the California Energy Commission’s Title 24 Building Standards.

“Suntuitive glass also is priced competitively with typical high-performance solar control glass, but offers higher transmittance of visible light and eliminates the needs for shades to be installed under the skylight. Typically, shades trap heat under a skylight on hot days, which will bake the frames and cause warping and seal failures. Suntuitive glass provides natural light and comfort without creating that risk.”