Pleotint has entered into a distribution partnership with CrystaLite Inc., that enables company to offer Pleotint’s Suntuitive glass with its skylights and sunrooms.

John Westerfield, marketing manager at CrystaLite, says his Everett, Wash.-based company has been seeing increased demand for dynamic glass from customers who are looking to block excessive heat and reduce glare from the sun without using traditional window blinds.

“The majority of our sunroom systems are in homes and businesses where the owner has a view of either water or a mountain range,” says Westerfield. “Typically, they add window blinds to block the sun during certain times of the day, especially if the sun is reflected off the water. Suntuitive glass allows us to offer an integrated solution to reduce sun glare without blocking the view, which is a great alternative to typical blinds in both style and function. Energy savings are an added benefit.

“We have offered other dynamic glass solutions before, but the logistics of where and how to run power wires, control switches, and other mechanical devices always seemed to snowball in complexity and cost. Suntuitive glass is different because it self-tints and can be set in place like any regular glazing solution without extra installation steps or cost. It’s simple, yet it offers the same performance and greater reliability than other dynamic glass products.”

When paired with low-E glass in an insulating glass unit, Suntuitive can produce visible light transmittance of as high as 60 percent in a clear state, solar heat gain coefficients of as low as 0.11 in a darkened state, and reduce heating-, cooling-, and lighting-related energy costs, according to the company.