PPG Industries has launched its Concierge Program service, designed to provide members of the PPG Certified Fabricator Program (PPG/CFP) with customized project coordination for large, complex or high-profile commercial construction projects.

Glenn T. Miner, director of construction, flat glass, says the program was developed to leverage the company’s extensive experience in managing multifaceted glass construction projects along with the quality fabrication capabilities of PPG/CFP members.

“Emerging trends such as building information modeling, design assist and off-site fabrication are compressing construction cycles while current architectural design themes are creating extremely complex exterior building facades,” he says. “Those market drivers, combined with the forecast growth in glass demand over the next five years, will significantly increase delivery and installation pressures on our supply chain partners.”

While the current PPG demand management system supplies PPG/CFP customers with the vast majority of their typical glass requirements, the new Concierge Program service is designed to address the supply needs of larger projects that involve atypical glass configurations, non-standard glass components, accelerated delivery schedules, advanced quality specifications or notably high-profile buildings.

According to the company, projects managed through the Concierge Program service will receive a dedicated project manager, priority inventory, scheduling of advanced glass production and supply chain logistics management.