PPG Industries announced it is accepting project nominations for the PPG Concierge Program from all contract glaziers as well as all members of the PPG CFP Certified Fabricator program.

The concierge program, which enables contractors to leverage PPG’s experience in managing multifaceted glass construction projects, is designed to “ensure supply-chain success for large, complex or high-profile commercial construction projects,” according to a release from the company.

Margie Hahn, PPG architectural services manager, says most projects can be handled by PPG-certified fabricators through PPG’s standard inventory and supply-chain approach. The concierge program, however, is designed to help with certain large projects that require extensive production and logistics coordination.

“For buildings with atypical glass configurations or non-standard glass components, the PPG Concierge Program provides customized coordination through Julie Giba, our dedicated program manager,” she says. “Julie aligns our inventory and production, provides priority access to specified glass products, reserves ordered items and manages production scheduling to help our customers meet the logistical demands of complex projects.”