When it was announced recently that PPG Industries had named Bradley P. Boone as market manager, residential segment, PPG flat glass, one window company representative called it “a great move by PPG.” USGNN.com™/USGlass magazine talked to Boone to learn more regarding his new role.

USGNN: What will be the major changes moving from senior account manager to this role?

Boone: I served as an outside sales rep where I managed territory, national accounts, etc. Moving to this role I have North American responsibility for flat glass which will involve setting directions and working with customers to make sure we are responsive to their needs.

USGNN: What are you most excited about?

Boone: It’s exciting to be able to show the marketplace that we are serious about this business segment and that we have products that can provide their end use customers to improve performance, aesthetics and provide a payback for years to come.

USGNN: What worries you the most? Or what will be the most challenging part of this new role?

Boone: The challenge portion is the economy itself and how it is driving our customer base. We are seeing customers change priorities and being able to be fleet of foot enough to make changes. There is no question that indicators show the industry is ripe to turn. No one can tell when or how much—if I could I would be winning the lottery.

USGNN: Why do you believe people think you will be great in this role?

Boone: I have spent a lot of time in this market segment—33 years—so I think I bring a decent level of experience. I have spent 13 years listening to customers in every way. With my engineering background I can understand the technical side and communicate those issues internally, etc. They [manufacturer customers] will see that as beneficial.