The Producer Price Index (PPI) for glass and glass product manufacturing dropped 0.1% in February, halting a three-month run of rising rates. The PPI in January for glass manufacturing climbed by 0.8%, following increases of 0.1% and 0.3% in November and December, respectively.

The PPI for overall final demand rose 0.6% in February. This follows a 0.3% increase in January. PPI captures average price shifts before they reach consumers. It serves as a potential signal for consumer pricing.

Glass and Glazing Material Prices

Flat Glass – The PPI for flat glass remained steady in February. The sector’s prices decreased by 0.2% in January, ending several months of increased rates. Year-to-year, flat glass prices are down 1.1%. Specialty glass prices remained flat in February. The year-to-year PPI for specialty glass was also flat.

Flat Glass Manufacturing – February’s PPI for flat glass manufacturing was 0.0%. This followed a 0.8% rate decrease in January. Before that, flat glass manufacturing prices had remained elevated for four consecutive months. The year-to-year PPI for flat glass manufacturing was 3.3% lower than last year.

Fabricated Structural Metal Products – Prices for fabricated structural metal products dropped by 0.3% in February. The PPI for the sector was up 0.7% in January and 1.1% in December. Year-to-year, prices for fabricated structural metal products were up 2.4%. Fabricated structural metal products include metal linings, culverts, casings, bar joists and plates.

Ornamental and Architectural Metalwork – The PPI for ornamental and architectural metalwork rose by 0.1% in February. This follows a 0.4% increase in January. The prices for ornamental and architectural metalwork have remained elevated since October 2023. The year-to-year PPI for ornamental and architectural metalwork was up 1.2% in February. Ornamental architectural metals are designed for aesthetic purposes when placed on high-end buildings.

Metal Windows – In February, the PPI for metal windows increased by 0.1%. February’s reading ended two months of steady rates. Year-to-year, metal window prices were down 0.4%. Metal windows include window frames comprised of aluminum or steel.

Metal Doors and Frames – The PPI for metal doors and frames stayed steady in February, hovering around 0.0% for the third month. The last price increase for metal door and frame products was in September 2023. Year-to-year, prices for metal doors and frames were up 1.6% in February.

Builders’ Hardware – Prices for builders’ hardware, which includes window hardware, were flat in February after increasing by 1.2% in January. The PPI for builders’ hardware went relatively unscathed throughout 2023. Year-to-year prices for the products were down 1% compared to January 2023.

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