Dominic Lavoie

The board of directors of the Prelco Group has ratified the appointment of Dominic Lavoie as president and CEO of the company. Son of the current president, Roger Lavoie, Dominic Lavoie will take office on June 28, 2018.

Roger Lavoie says, “Ensuring the sustainability of the company while keeping its head office here in Rivière-du-Loup has always been at the heart of my expectations and my thoughts. After 46 years at the head of the company, it is with great pride that I pass the torch to my son, Dominic. This is a great moment and great news for the Prelco Group and I am confident that the arrival of Dominic will allow the company to fully pursue its development and growth to meet the future challenges. To maintain a smooth transition, I will reserve my involvement as executive chairman of the board of directors and provide support to Dominic and his management team to enable the Prelco Group to take the next step.”

“It is obviously a great pride and honor to take charge of the Prelco Group and to contribute to the development of the family business,” says Dominic Lavoie. “I have been personally involved in the operational and administrative sectors of the company in recent years. This has allowed me to understand the issues that the company is currently facing along with those that will need to be dealt with in the future. It is, therefore, with great enthusiasm that I will assume my function as a mobilizing actor with the collaboration of my team and all the passion necessary to bring Prelco to a growth at the height of its ambitions.”