CGH: Childgard Security Glazing

Childgard® Security Glazing is available from Consolidated Glass Holdings (CGH), and was developed specifically with school security in mind. Childgard is laminated glass constructed with a proprietary security interlayer that is built to withstand extensive physical attack during a forced-entry scenario. It provides the aesthetics, energy efficiency, and daylighting advantages of high performance glass, with an additional level of security. It is tested to the nationally recognized detention standard ASTM F1233-08 and can be installed following industry guidelines. This means there is no need for specialty installers. Childgard can be glazed in industry standard doors, framing, and window systems in both new and retrofit settings.

PRL: Bullet-Resistant Glass

PRL offers bullet-resistant glass for ammunition levels ranging from 1-8. Providing excellent security, no-spall ballistic protection and scratch resistance, this laminated glass is thinner and lighter than other products on the market, according to the company.

The company’s bullet-resistant glass is fabricated in-house and made up of PRL’s proprietary blend of glass, PVB and polycarbonate. Conforming to UL 752 and NIJ 0108.01 requirements, the company’s security glass is designed to satisfy the most stringent building and safety codes. PRL’s bullet-resistant glass can be glazed in a wide variety of make-ups and colors.

CRL: Full Vision Bullet Resistant Doors

Full Vision Bullet Resistant Doors and Frames from C.R. Laurence feature a built-in, continuous geared hinge to increase security and reduce visible hardware. The low-profile doorframe and door latch are made for use with a single panel of bullet-resistant acrylic, producing a clean aesthetic with unobstructed views. The system offers Level 1 or Level 3 bullet protection per UL 752 ballistic testing standards, and is designed for interior
applications. Sizes are made-to-order, and the maximum leaf size is 48- by 96-inches. A complete lockset is included, as well as an option for a surface mount door closer. Multiple finish options are available.

Insulgard: StormDefend TTH600

Insulgard Security Products has introduced the new StormDefend TTH600 window system, a fully glazed window system certified by Underwriters Laboratory to meet critical standards for use in tornado and hurricane storm shelters mandated by the 2015 International Building Code. The new window system meets the ICC500-14 and FEMAP-361-15 standards for use in tornado and hurricane safe rooms and shelters anywhere in the U.S.

The system’s thermally broken aluminum frame is 6-inches deep with a 2
½-inch perimeter profile. Its Torgard30-IG glazing incorporates a low-E coating.

St. Cloud Window Inc.: SCW3000 Series

The SCW3000 Series from St. Cloud Window features a 3-inch frame that maintains a narrow sightline profile for large window openings and the historic integrity required for landmark properties and historic tax credits. The windows feature the same performance test data as the company’s other high-performing product lines with sound transmission ratings up to STC45 and OITC36 and thermal values of U-value .23-.31 and SHGC .16-.36.
Sightlines are virtually identical to the SCW2500 Series, but with more muntin shapes, mullions, hardware, and accessory options, according to the company.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain: Keralite® SafeGuard

Keralite SafeGuard is a laminated and filmed fire-rated glass ceramic product that offers combined fire, impact and ballistic protection. Buildings with SafeGuard provide a safe-zone for occupants, protecting against the deadly effects of fire, active shooters and intruders, according to the company. SafeGuard’s impact resistance is designed to help provide an additional two to four minutes for emergency personnel to respond to an emergency, and glazes into standard fire door and window frames. Fire-rated from 20 minutes to three hours. SafeGuard also has a 97.1 color rendering index, sound transmission benefits and a low haze value.

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