Glass and glazing products, supplies and components will have a major presence on the show floor. Here’s a look at what some companies plan to feature.

GGI: Booth 1523

GGI invites visitors to see its new low iron textured patterned glass options, including reeded, micro ribbed, Flemish, stream ribbed and Stylos S. GGI will also share glass and video presentations highlighting recent project work including unique public artwork designs by Catherine Woods, Randal Thurston and Leslie Ann Wigon—along with a special tribute wall cladding project for the new George H.W. Bush State Office Building.

H.B. Fuller: Booth 613

The thermoplastic warm edge solution Ködispace 4SG, from H.B. Fuller, combines energy efficiency with durability. Ködispace 4SG replaces the conventional edge system made of spacer bar, desiccant and primary seal, by creating a chemical bond with glass and silicone for a tight but elastic unit. If there is permanent deformation of glass lites caused by heat or cold, the flexible warm edge system absorbs movements to prevent gas leakage.

The company will also have its full range of products on hand, including primary and secondary IG sealants, Intercept matrix and hot melts, back bedding and glazing sealants, as well as warm edge spacer.

JEI Structural Façade Engineering: Booth 3314

Representatives from JEI Structural Façade Engineering will be on hand to promote the company’s consulting services. JEI employees are experienced in designing some of the tallest buildings in the world. Its pre-engineering consulting services are advertised as saving steel, enhancing system selection efficiency and reducing anchors.

Laminators Inc.: Booth 3514

InfernoShield is a new, non-combustible, insulated glazing panel designed to provide superior fire performance when installed in window, glazing and curtainwall systems. According to the company, InfernoShield panels create a highly decorative and durable surface with fire performance properties—Class A and zero flame spread per ASTM E84. Panels are constructed of a calcium silicate core, sandwiched between extruded profile stabilizers with a finished aluminum sheet on each face.

Quanex: Booth 1017

Quanex’s Super Spacer TriSeal features a unique triple-seal design. It incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling and a polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission. It also offers an outer silicone seal for proven structural strength and superior durability.

Total Security Solutions: Booth 2909

The Total Security Solutions (TSS) team will exhibit a new interactive product display. The all-in-one display will give attendees a hands-on experience with quality ballistic materials, including working transaction windows, accessories, fiberglass panels, custom finishes, doors, and more.

Vitro Architectural Glass: Booth 1419

Vitro will show attendees how low you can go—in heat transfer, that is—via vacuum insulating glass units (VIG). The company’s VacuMax VIG offers R-14 performance in a nominal 8 mm unit.

VacuMax VIG units consist of two fully tempered lites of glass separated by a non-leaded proprietary metal seal and a vacuum space. The entire unit has a total thickness of just 8.3 mm (1/3 inch), which is only slightly thicker than a single lite of glass.

The product’s slim construction and lightweight allow it to be incorporated into virtually any traditional glazing system or window frame, and when paired with a triple-silver low-E coating, similar to Solarban 70 glass, VacuMax units deliver insulation performance that is two to four times better than conventional insulating glass. With center-of-glass (COG) R-values of R-14 or better, the company’s VIG units rival the thermal performance of traditional walls.

VacuMax VIG units also deliver increased acoustic performance, for dramatic noise dampening, and reduced COG condensation at temperatures as low as -58 degrees F.

Virginia Glass Products and Virginia Mirror Company: Booth 3111

Virginia Glass Products and Virginia Mirror Company will celebrate its 110th year in business at the show. Virginia Mirror Company began as a producer of mirrors for furniture manufacturers and gradually shifted focus to fabricated and stock sheet mirrors for commercial and residential construction. Virginia Glass Products Corp. was also one of the first temperers in the U.S.

Walker Glass: Booth 2217

Walker Glass will display a selection of acid-etched glass and mirrors, including its new Walker Textures Velour acid-etched mirror. Velour is ideal for interior use, with a medium level of glossiness. The finish gives an indistinct, diffused reflection and is available on four glass substrates: clear, bronze, grey and low-iron. Clear and low-iron substrates are also available in oversized sheets of 100 by 144 inches for more efficient cutting.

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