From beveling and edging equipment, insulating glass lines and more, take a look at some of the machinery and equipment you’ll find in Atlanta.

Bavelloni America Inc.: Booth 3631

Bavelloni will showcase some of its machinery, including the VE 500 V10 SCS vertical miter machine. Officials say the straight-line edger can process flat edges with arises and miters ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. The spindle control system (SCS) version incorporates an SCS for automated wheel positioning, resulting in consistent quality finishes, minimized waste and increased lifespan of tools, according to the company.

Biesse Glass: Booth 3431

Biesse Glass and Forvet’s high-performance Francesca series delivers rapid and precise glass countersinking, milling and drilling on flat glass sheets with thicknesses from 3-19 mm (25 mm optional). It has a 1,220 mm working width and no limit on length.

Burkle: Booth 1241

The easy-LAM IFL glass laminator from Burkle is designed to replace the conventional autoclave process, including prelamination, with a multi-stage lamination route and guarantees noticeably faster glass lamination processes.

They explain that advantages include energy-efficient operations, short cycle times and reduced manpower requirements. This is compared to the “traditional” approach of laminating architectural, custom, protective and solar products.

Cooltemper USA: Booth 3250

Cooltemper will highlight its patented dynamic quench and dynamic wind box cooling system. According to the company, the system is designed to save up to 30% of the energy required to quench and cool the glass during the tempering process. The fully automatic system has several advantages, including minimal fan speeds, energy cost savings and low carbon dioxide levels. The system can also increase quench pressure on a small bed loading area required for thin glasses and reduce the electrical power supply by limiting the bed size for certain glass types.

Diamon-Fusion International: Booth 1231

Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) will present its FuseCube Express, which applies a protective coating onto both sides of the glass. The coating is applied through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process, transforming ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. The FuseCube Express can treat one to five lites in under 10 minutes and has a minimal footprint (5 by 6 feet). The machine also includes a touchscreen monitor, built-in evacuation system, multi-run cartridge system, real-time monitoring and backup systems.

EnduroShield: Booth 4123

Visitors can learn about EnduroShield’s latest high-speed automated coating machines for easy clean glass. Officials say the X-Line combines uncomplicated design and smart technology in vertical or horizontal models to deliver a user-friendly, efficient and economical coating system.

Erdman Automation/FlexScreen: Booth 1331

The results of the partnership between Erdman and FlexScreen will be on display at GBA. Erdman will design and build an almost fully automated manufacturing line for FlexScreen. According to company officials, what used to take an entire production crew can be done with four people in less than 1,500 square feet. Smaller, less automated lines are also available.

Barkow Inc.: Booth 1215

The P214-A glazing body and 2024 Isuzu NPR Chassis Cab will be on display in the F. Barkow Inc. booth. The P214-A features an all-aluminum construction glazing body with a cantilevered metal carrier, trailer hitch and toolbox. It is equipped with 12 Stake-Loc self-locking stakes with Barkleats and hardware, and vertical inside standards with “B” load-holding slats. The exterior includes 5-inch usable ledger boards and two rows of “B” load-holding slats. There are large upper sign panels on each side at the top and full lower panels to help shield the glass from debris. The Isuzu has a payload of 7,000 pounds and is powered by a V8 6.6-liter gas engine. It has air conditioning and heated remote mirrors.

FOREL S.p.A.: Booth 1945

Forel will demonstrate an insulating glass line with a thermoplastic spacer. The line is a bivalent model capable of processing conventional insulating glass with a rigid box spacer profile. The entire solution is highly automated and can be managed via a single workstation. Officials say the line provides real run-time production data that is linked to the company’s ERP.

Hegla Corp.: Booth 1047

Hegla will exhibit a cutting system that features a BBF Model dual-sided automatic loading system feeding the company’s high-precision Galactic Linear drive cutting breakout table. The company will also display its Hegla-Boraident Laser marking technology and material handling featuring several vacuum lifter models.

HHH Equipment Resources: Booth 1931

The Denver Advance Elite will be on display in the HHH Equipment Resources booth. Officials say the vertical CNC machine offers integrated opposing drilling, and reduced overall dimensions, along with standard horizontal CNC capabilities. It transforms glass coming from the cutting table into the finished product without the need for operator intervention, according to the company. According to the company, it has 100% uptime with its optional continuous “flow” configuration and can edge, notch, countersink and optional polish.

Italcarrelli S.r.l.: Booth 2425

Italcarrelli will present its laser-guided vehicles that manage glass transportation. The company’s Warehouse Management System optimizes AGV fleets, enhancing efficiency. Officials say the electric motors and patented safety lifting systems ensure secure load handling while the battery exchange system maintains uninterrupted operations through automated battery swapping. Glass sorting is optimized using its Sideloader EN4L, maximizing storage and retrieval.

Jordon Glass: Booth 2741

Several different equipment lines including the 10-spindle vertical glass polisher, vertical CNC milling and drilling machine and water-coolant filtration system, will be in the Jordon Glass booth. A stalwart in processing plants, officials say the DEWAY glass polisher is an “ideal solution” for precise and fast glass polishing. Also on display will be a vertical CNC machine for milling and drilling notches and holes, fabricated by SCHIAVO. Additionally, Jordon Glass will showcase its Filtraglass Eco³Box system, made in Spain, which automatically filters, separates and removes glass swarf as solid waste from the water-coolant reservoirs used on glass polishers/beveller and CNC systems.

Lattuada North America: Booth 239

Lattuada North America will exhibit two flat polishers. The TLR 11 PC H60 is a fully automatic, 11-wheel flat polisher equipped with a fully automatic wheel adjustment management (A-WR System), fully automatic management of all processing parameters (i-AL package), motorized glass removal adjustment with hand control, digital ammeters and automatic alert system for the polishing wheels wear. The AL 8 M H60 is an eight-wheel flat polisher recommended for large-scale production of medium-thickness sheets.

LiteSentry-Softsolution: Booth 3221

The BowScanner is the newest innovation from LiteSentry-Softsolution. The new equipment is designed for glass processors and fabricators working with tempered glass, and offers a solution to minimize risks and optimize production efficiency, according to the company.

Benefits of use include improved process throughput and safety concerns, as well as eliminated glass jams and breakage. The BowScanner can be integrated into a LineScanner or as a stand-alone system.

Mappi: Booth 2731

Mappi will showcase improvements in quality, efficiency, ease of use and optimal management of energy consumption, leading with its new MTH tempering furnace, a quenching furnace up to 6,000- by 3,300-mm. The challenge, say officials, is optimizing the integration between the machine and the production cycle in a way that goes beyond the boundaries of Industry 4.0. Mappi uses edge computing features, a system that involves the use of more data, faster processing and artificial intelligence to aid in the ability to perform predictive checks on the machine.

Quattrolifts USA: Booth 1531

Visitors to the Quattrolifts USA booth can see the OMNI 1800, which glazes at elevated heights using a telehandler or off-road forklift. Officials say it can be used inside and outside a building envelope to allow for safe and efficient glazing of glass and windows weighing up to 1,800 pounds. It has a fully integrated and independent power supply to drive electric actuators and vacuum pumps. Its dual vacuum system includes spring-loaded vacuum cups with six adjustable (two 16-inch and four 12-inch cups) to deliver greater safety while handling glass.

Salem Fabrication Supplies: Booth 1931

Salem Fabrication Supplies will feature its premium core drill line, the Thunder Cut. The improved high-speed core drills offer self-dressing capabilities and an increased feed rate of up to 1.8 mm per second. Officials say the drills are designed for heavy industrial use on CNC and Forvet machinery and are available in both 75 mm and 95 mm overall lengths. Thunder Cut drills are marketed as having significantly reduced cycle times and three to four times the life expectancy of standard core drills.

Schiatti Angelo S.r.l.: Booth 2431

Schiatti Angelo will present its straight edger mod, the FPS50, which can process fine flat edge and arris. The FPS50 has a PLC touchscreen to adjust and display the machines’ working parameters and diagnose fault situations. Officials say the machine’s conveyor—with its track composed of rubber pads, bearings and chains—offers quality performance and durability while not requiring continuous lubrication. Various optional customization options are available, including the automatic adjustment of the diamond wheels and Industry 4.0 solutions for remote control and maintenance. The company is represented in the U.S. by DeGorter.

Trucent: Booth 3151

For more than 20 years, Trucent’s CentraSep series has been a player in glass grinding fluid filtration, driven by its S-Series Systems. This year it will introduce its latest filtration system.

Wood’s Powr-Grip: Booth 3023

The MRPT411LAC3S vacuum lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip is an AC-powered rotator/tilter model that includes the company’s Intelli-Grip technology. Officials say the benefits of Intelli-Grip include onboard diagnostics, connectivity with the WPG Intelli-Grip app, safety enhancements, such as load monitoring and a vacuum-loss warning buzzer, and more. Other premium options added as standard features include a high-duty actuator, a tilt speed controller, articulating control handles, other ergonomic controls, vacuum pad shutoff valves and vacuum line quick connectors. The vacuum lifter also has a 700-pound load capacity.

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