Nothing Basic About it: Spotlight on Acid-Etched Glass

Acid-etched glass can be incredible for projects of all types, whether it’s for elevated aesthetics in a restaurant and bar, animal protection or an inviting and comfortable airport terminal. Here’s a look at some acid-etched projects that stood out this month.

National Aviary, Pittsburgh

Located in Pittsburgh, the National Aviary’s Wetlands Bird habitat features laminated bird-friendly glass from Isoclima Specialty Glass. Renovation Services was the installer, and Montgomery and Smith was the architect.

Isoclima fabricated approximately 19,000 square feet of Walker Glass’ Velour on Starphire from Vitro Architectural Glass, as well as Walker’s Pattern 214 on Starphire. The majority of the Velour laminated glass was used for the roof entirely, as well as some lower wall areas while the Pattern 214 was used for the aviary’s sidewalls. The use of Pattern 214 acid etch is designed to protect birds by keeping them from flying into the glass, helping them stay safe in their habitat.

Bar Zazu, Las Vegas

Located at Resorts World on Las Vegas Boulevard, Bar Zazu is a tapas restaurant and European café that opened in late 2021. Working hand-in-hand with Giroux Glass and W.A. Richardson to source, fabricate and install custom glass and mirror systems for the restaurant, Pulp Studio implemented a mirrored bar featuring a slowly moving and changing wall of electronic art. Because the elaborate design did not use any standard measurements, items could not be purchased in bulk. This meant nearly every piece of glass and mirror had to be custom-measured and ordered individually.

Glass used in the ceiling was patterned with elliptical cutouts to fit the design, requiring invisible anchoring while also meeting code specifications. The bar features LED lights that color-change the edges of the mirror glass, creating an illusion, shifting between soft greens and blues, making the space appear almost infinite. Straight and curved mirrors cover the bar’s back wall entirely. Mirrors were also installed behind the bottle shelving as individual pieces that follow the curve of the walls.

The wine room features custom-sized and color-matched 9/16-inch-thick bronze annealed laminated glass and 5/16-inch custom blue annealed laminated glass that matches the deli. In the lounge seating area, there is custom-colored fuchsia annealed laminated mirror glass with V-grooved carving, contrasting with the surrounding dark blue substrates. Pulp Studio carved the glass to give the appearance of individual mirror panels with the carved V grooves staggered, including 4-inch, 8-inch and 11-inch wide spacing.

Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City

Increasing passenger numbers at the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City brought the need for a terminal expansion. Tristar Glass Inc. fabricated the Textures acid-etched glass from Walker Glass for the 151,000 square foot expansion. Acid-etched glass used in the walls along the observation deck allow for abundant daylight, while similar acid-etched glass and mirror were also used in the building’s spandrel and interior finishes.

The glass façade serves as a center piece of the expansion, offering views from an observation deck and lounges onto the concourse below. White spandrel harmonizes with the façade’s vision area and unswept roof. The side of the façade also features an opaque acid-etch on the Starphire glazing to strengthen the building’s appearance and provide daylight to lounges within.

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