Pulp Studio, a manufacturer of decorative and specialty glass products, has announced five new independent representatives to provide project support across the U.S.

The new representatives are:

From left to right: Tim Finley – T.Fin Building Solutions; Scott McCoy – MJ Solutions; Jolie Cawelt – Dyer Lesja LLC; Chris Janson – MJ Solutions; Allen Davidson – ADD Associates
  • Tim Finley of T.Fin Building Solutions, who will cover Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota;
  • Scott McCoy of MJ Solutions, who will cover Indiana and Kentucky;
  • Jolie Cawelti of Dyer Lesja LLC., who will cover Arizona;
  • Chris Janson of MJ Solutions, who will cover Illinois and Wisconsin; and
  • Allen Davidson of ADD Associates, who will cover New England.

“Pulp Studio is dedicated to providing quality representation and support to architects, designers and glaziers in the range of applications where Pulp Studio’s fine architectural decorative glass products are a fit,” states Kirk Johnson, COO of Pulp Studio. “Each one of our new independent representatives has a long history and knowledge of the design industry and we are excited to continue growing year over year with such excellent energy and enthusiasm.”